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It is with great enthusiasm I invite you to utilize and explore the Integrated Solutions Health Network Provider website. Over the coming months we’ll be adding additional information specifically for the practices and physician teams working within the AnewCare Collaborative Accountable Care Organization as well as those working within CrestPoint Health. This is an exciting time in health care and through increasing transparency of quality data and cost efficiency date, we hope to help you and your practice not only navigate well through these changing times, but also thrive and succeed.

Integrated Solutions Health Network will be proud to bring you and your practice increasing visibility through actionable reports into the care needs of your patients, as well as increased ability through care coordination and sharing of best practices to even better care for your patients with acute and chronic care needs. Through comparison against regional and national benchmark data, you’ll be able to see how you and your practice are doing against others in our community and across the U.S., but just as importantly, we will be helping you succeed in the months and years ahead. As we improve the health and clinical outcomes of the populations we serve, we plan to position ourselves well for improvements in reimbursement to our respective practices through increased participation under pay for value and shared savings models of payment opportunities and most importantly, we plan to help you succeed under those opportunities by being part of our organization.

Welcome to the site and we hope you find it useful as we move toward increasing success in the months and years ahead!

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